Revenue Calculator

Use the sliders below to change the variables.

No. of Rooms: 5

Select the numbers room you plan to operate.

Open days: 180

Select the number of days you plan to be open. Example:
All year: 365 (incl. 4 weeks holiday: 337)
Weekdays: 260 (incl. 4 weeks holiday: 240)
Weekends: 104 (incl. 4 weeks holiday: 96)
Fri/Sat/Sun: 156 (incl. 4 weeks holiday: 144)

Occupancy Rate: 50

Estimate the occupancy rate during the open days. If you have 4 rooms and estimate that on average only 2 of the 4 rooms will be occupied, select 50%.

Room rate: 125

Select the average room rate that you plan to charge your guests per night.


Annual Profit

The aim in business is to make a profit. To estimate your profit, calculate your operational costs and subtracted this from the Annual Revenue. Please also keep your tax liability in mind.

Advanced Calculator

The Professional Bed & Breakfast Course offers an extensive analysis of your business venture in our Feasibility Study. The Feasibility Study will enable you to calculate your potential revenue and operational costs, evaluating your business profits and return on investment.


The Revenue Calculator is provided for your convenience and should only be used as a guide. Please view our Disclaimer for more information.